Susan Schilling from testimonial“I really felt “heard” by Dr. Ziegner. I feel confident that she will get to the bottom of a strange disorder that has baffled numerous other doctors. She spent an incredible amount of time with me and I appreciate it.”  Susan Schilling – Verified Review February 20, 2013

Mitzi Lee Koch from testimonial“Dr. Ziegner is extremely good at what she does, she is a knowledgeable and intelligent woman. She was thorough and took an hour with us during the consultation. She was sweet and funny with my 8 yr old son (the patient) and I’m confident with her eventual diagnosis.” Mitzi Lee Koch – Verified Review December 25, 2012

Rudy Whitcomb from testimonial


“I highly recommend Riviera Allergy, Dr. Ziegner and her entire staff.”  -Rudy Whitcomb – Verified Review November 22, 2012

Debbie Allen from testimonial“Dr. Ziegner and her staff are true professionals that care about their patients and it shows! Dr. Z is an old school specialist who makes time to listen to her patients. She has a new school organized, technologically advanced practice I highly recommend her for people of all ages.  Warm regards,  Debbie Allen. ”  Debbie Allen – Verified Review June 05, 2012

Jan Love  from testimonial

“Very friendly staff. I appreciate the time Dr. Ziegner spent with me to devise a plan of action.”  Jan Love  Verified Review May 15, 2012

Jozelyn Javien Arevalo from testimonial


“Friendly and professional environment.” Jozelyn Javien Arevalo – Verified Review February 28, 2012


Hillary Stotter Fiedler from testimonial“Dr. Ziegner has a gentle and thorough method to her, she is so efficient, and you feel cared for while she is treating you. Every visit I am calmer leaving than arriving, every visit, I feel like I have been heard. Thank you Dr. Ziegner.”    Hillary Stotter Fiedler – Verified Review December 10, 2011


 “Everyone was helpful and friendly. The doctor was very thorough!”   Denise Sadtuche – Verified Review July 15, 2013

“Staff was friendly & courteous. Dr. Ziegner spent nearly 2 hours with me for my initial consultation to ensure that we covered ALL of the bases. Highly recommend!”  Heather Kelly – Verified Review August 09, 2012

“It was fast and efficient. It is just very pleasant to be around the office and staff.”    Julia Tafel  Verified Review February 15, 2012

“Informative. It’s the first time in 10 years that I have hope  that I can be helped.”  -Leslie Knight  Verified Review December 18, 2012

“Great Doctor. Had to wait a long time to see her however she spent a long time with me.” Ed Collins – Verified Review December 06, 2012

“I am really impressed with the office, the staff and Dr. Ziegner herself. I highly recommend this office. They take the time to answer all questions and explain everything in detail. They are the best!!!!!!!” joan jones – Verified Review November 22, 2012

“As always, my appointment with Dr. Ziegner and her staff was excellent. Prompt, courteous, professional, knowledgeable and caring–everything you want in a doctor. Dr. Ziegner is certainly someone I trust.” Joan Verified Review November 10, 2012

“They are a consistently caring and profession office…both staff and the doctor. Genuinely care about their patients. Thank you” Anonymous Verified Review November 01, 2012

“Amazing doctor and staff. Have not experienced a Dr. that takes so much time for his patient. They really care and are very professional. A++” Sandra S. Verified Review October 09, 2012

“My son normally hates doctor’s offices (memory of too many shots I guess), but he was having so much fun in the play room that he didn’t want to leave! Dr. Ziegner was great. She listened to me and took her time to get all the information that she needed. She was great wtih my son, playing with him while examining him, thus making it easier on him. The whole office, from the nurse to the receiptionists were very kind and sweet. We live far away and got lost on the way to the office so we were 15 minutes late for our appointment, but despite that, the staff and the doctor never rushed us. ” Jean Verified Review September 13, 2012

“Dr. Zeigner is one of the most thorough doctors I have seen. She looks at the larger picture, not just at the current symptom. I have complicated medical issues and Dr. Ziegner considers all of my problems and how they may be affected by allergy, immunology, treatment from other specialists. She keeps abreast of everything happening in the medical field. Most importantly, she listens. ” Ronnie
Verified Review September 10, 2012

“I always feel like I am at home and comfortable at Dr. Z’s office. The staff is friendly and helpful, and Dr. Z is the best” Tony Minyon – Verified Review September 04, 2012

“Great staff; wonderful doctor!” – Norma Jean – Verified Review August 31, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner is incredible. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated. The office staff is nice and helpful and creates a great atmosphere. I can’t imagine a better environment for me and my family. ” – Karl Krug Unverified Review August 20, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner is great with children and very thorough” – Angie Verified Review August 15, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner is very thorough and professional. She takes her time in reviewing your medical history and communicates well with the patient and her staff. Office staff is very friendly, especially Sheri. Had to wait to see the Dr. but well worth the time. ” Cindy Verified Review August 09, 2012

“We love Dr. Z and her staff. Always so attentive and friendly!” Marni St. Regis Unverified Review August 03, 2012

“I LOVE Dr. Ziegner and her staff!! Everyone there is so kind and calm, and I always walk out of the office feeling much happier and calm. I remember being very nervous that first few times going there. I have had GREAT results with the treatments. (Sorry I don’t do facebook or other social media other than e-mail!!!)) Love you all! Pam Frank” Pam Unverified Review July 31, 2012

“I have never been to any doctor’s office where the doctor is so thorough and interested in what you have to say. The staff is friendly and very helpful too. Thank you. Keep up the good work.” Lore Schmidgall Verified Review July 30, 2012

“very nice staff, the doctor made sure to cover everything with, and I felt very comfortable speaking to her” Rubio Verified Review July 25, 2012

“In my experience it is rare to feel like a doctor really cares about you – this was one of those rare experiences! Dr. Ziegner took so much time taking a thorough history and listening to me and coming up with a plan to figure out the puzzle that is my allergies! The staff were amazing and super helpful with insurance questions and making me feel comfortable and welcome!” Daphne King Verified Review July 24, 2012

“The staff is always a pleasure, as is the Doctor. I’m very happy with the service and their concern for my comfort.” Judy Unverified Review July 17, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner took a very detailed and thorough medical history to investigate all the possible sources the problem. She and her staff are very professional and have a good bedside manner.” Dwight Verified Review June 28, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner and her staff are always kind, caring, and extremely thorough. They will go out of their way to accommodate you. I would recommend this office to anyone needing an allergist. ” Amanda Verified Review June 21, 2012


“Dr. Ziegner and her staff are amazing. Dr. Ziegner is brilliant, thorough, kind, and caring. She took time to explain everything to me and to answer all of my questions. She made me feel comfortable immediately and I am so grateful to have found her!” Jessi Verified Review June 11, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner, Thank you for taking so much time with me 5/14/12 and explaining how acid reflux can work. No other doctor has ever been so thorough. You are the best communicating doctor I have had, along with Dr. Chang. By now, you and Dr Chang have talked, he said, and I know the results of the bronchoscopy—quite surprising to all of us, i think. I do think that you may have discovered something about my stomach, too, but we shall see with the PET-CT scan this week. Thank you for being such a professional and caring doctor. I will have to cancel the allergy tests on June 1 I believe. Carol Witte” Anonymous Verified Review May 17, 2012

“Darline, Sheri, and Diane are the best!” Anonymous Verified Review May 07, 2012

“Everyone at this office is so friendly and attentive. Lynn Verified Review May 01, 2012

“Very helpful office staff. Great facility. Great doctor.” Claire Verified Review April 28, 2012

“Dr. Z is very patient and understanding. She’s helped us with our daughter who is severe food and skin allergies.” Anonymous Verified Review April 16, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner was absolutely wonderful. She took an extremely detailed patient history and spent ample time with me. I felt truly taken care of. She truly cares and goes the extra mile for her patients; she is amazing!” Emily Vaughn Unverified Review April 03, 2012

“The dr and her staff were very polite and informative. We’re glad to have found her, and are waiting to see how our son’s new medicine works out. ” Alex M
Verified Review March 30, 2012

“The staff at Dr. Ziegner’s office is always friendly & greets the patients upon arrival. Dr. Ziegner spends as much time as is necessary to fully deal with the patient’s issues. Never does one feel rushed.” Cindy Verified Review March 23, 2012

“Dr.Ziegner is a very competent physician. She took a lot of time to get a thorough medical history and physical exam. Informed me the tests she needed to do in order to come up with an approriate treatment plan. I had a very pleasant visit with her. ” Anonymous Verified Review March 19, 2012

“My son has been with Dr. Ziegner since he was an infant. He is now 7 and his allergies are completely under control. Dr. Ziegner is incredibly thorough and takes her time to explain everything to me.” Anonymous Verified Review March 19, 2012

“The staff are very accommodating to my work schedule. I work in Santa Monica/Malibu and it can take over an over to get to an appointment with the traffic here in LA on a good day. Everyone goes above and beyond to assist in getting you a water while you wait.” Leilani Verified Review March 09, 2012

“Dr. came highly recommended and I found her to be interested beyond the usual care, in my health history and current problem.” Ronnie Verified Review March 05, 2012

“Everyone was very friendly and gave instruction and information as the appointment progressed.” Anonymous Verified Review February 29, 2012

“Very great doctor and good staff too” Gail Unverified Review February 22, 2012

“I would highly recommend Dr. Ziegner for all asthma, allergy and immunodeficiency diseases and medical issues. She and her staff are genuine, caring and compassionate.” Denise V. Verified Review February 10, 2012

“Dr. Ziegner is a very caring physician. I feel she is my advocate, who deals with my health in a very proactive way and I appreciate it.” Mary Halligan Verified Review February 08, 2012

“Absolutely I have referred several patients.” Lilia Verified Review January 26, 2012

“So far, I’m feeling very comfortable at your office. Staff is very helpful, and I feel as though I’ve made progress with my health issues. I also feel that I’m connecting well with the Dr. ” Judy Verified Review January 27, 2012

“Topnotch care! Dr Ziegner is the best physician I’ve evern seen – extremely knowledgable & caring.” Arlene Verified Review January 23, 2012

“Great doctor and staff. Highly recommend.” Bryan Benedict Verified Review December 11, 2011

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