Every year, millions of Americans seek seasonal allergy relief. Allergy medications are mainly built to suppress the symptoms of allergies.

The major difference between these medications and allergy shots, is that the shots are formulated to instead offer a form of persistent relief. They make your body react differently to triggers that used to cause symptoms, for a more permanent form of seasonal allergy treatment. The following are the top ten benefits of these shots.

1. Shots fight the problem at the source. These shots can help make the body immune to those triggers that used to cause allergic reactions. This is a completely different approach than other over the counter or prescription medications, and is considered to be far more effective.

2. Reduction in the rate of asthma. It’s been shown that the administration of allergy shots can help reduce the rate of asthma by up to 50%.

3. Reduction in the rate of developing new allergens. Patients who have gone through a treatment of allergy shots are far less likely to be allergic to other allergens in the future.

4. Shots are more effective against some substances than others. This treatment tends to work best against insect venoms, seasonal allergies, and anything that is inhaled. Therefore it is suitable for a wide range of different allergies, in comparison to some other treatments that would only work for one allergy at a time.

5. Treatment can be given over a set period of time. Many treatment sessions will last approximately five years, for the best results over time with allergy shots.

6. Allergy shots train the immune system to tolerate triggers. Over time, your body will learn not to react to the triggers that could originally set off unpleasant allergy symptoms.

7.  You can save money on expensive medications. Without the need to keep purchasing over the counter medications or other prescriptions, you will save a great deal of time and money with these preventive shots.

8. Removal of sensitivity. The original sensitivity that you had to a particular allergic trigger can be removed with the persistent use of allergy shots, according to many studies.

9. Easy availability. The best place to learn more about allergy shots and whether or not they might work in your specific case would be to visit an allergy and asthma center, where you can be tested for allergies and have the shots administered.

10. The dosage can be controlled. Some doctors find it easier to control the dosage with shots rather than oral medications, which is particularly useful when giving treatment to small children.

Riviera Allergy is a group of skin allergy treatment specialists who provide testing for food allergies and allergy shots. For more helpful tips on allergy and online casino asthma care, visit http://www.rivieraallergy.com/

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    • Tif

      I’m glad I found this! I was ever so curious of allergy shots because I’ve heard of this every time I read posts regarding asthma and allergy. At first I thought that it was only used for emergency cases. Thanks to this post I now know there are shots for sort of “maintenance” that is better than taking antihistamines all the time. It is also nice to know that rate of developing new allergens could be lowered with these shots.

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    • Jake

      Stated from the first that one benefit is that shots can make the body immune to the triggers that cause the reaction. This is really a different approach and for me, this is the best.

    • Miranda

      I always thought that allergy shots are some kind of medications that can cure allergic symptoms and reactions. By reading this blog, I have learned that allergies could possibly be healed by getting the shots.

    • Elle

      For health care personnel, health education to patients is one of the most challenging tasks to be undertaken. Now, using this simplified discussion of the benefits of Allergy shots, the health care team can easily convey the information and convince patients to avail the said effective service.

    • April

      For people who have recurrent allergy attacks, it is truly wise to have allergy shots to prevent its occurrence in the future. Aside from its easy availability and efficiency, allergy shots ensure a long term benefit to your immune system by allowing it to gradually eliminate its sensitivity to a specific allergen. Thank you for this valuable resource!


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