Food allergies are triggered by the body’s immune system response to certain substances that are ingested. Testing for food allergies is highly recommended if you think you might have one, to prevent any serious symptoms.

1. Some allergies can be outgrown. Although many food allergies are permanent, such as those to seafood, others can be grown out of in time. Allergies to soy and dairy, for example, can be grown out of, but you need testing for food allergies to be sure they are gone.

2. You may not be allergic to the things you think you are. For example, some people who think that they are allergic to chocolate are in fact allergic to insects that fall into the chocolate mix in a factory. The only way to find a real allergy is through testing for food allergies at an allergy and asthma center.

3. Some allergies can be fatal. Tree nut allergies, for example, could cause you to go into shock and stop breathing, and so any allergy like this should be taken extremely seriously. This is why testing for food allergies is so important.

4. A self-injectable treatment such as the epiPen can help prevent death. In the event that you go into anaphylaxis, your blood vessels can be opened up with these allergy shots as an emergency treatment to keep you breathing.

5. Those who have food allergies are usually allergic only to a select few. While a common myth states that someone who has the need for seasonal allergy treatment or who is allergic in general will be allergic to everything, in fact most people are only allergic to four foods or less.

6. Allergies can be genetic. Some studies show that, depending on the type of allergy that you have, that you will have a greater chance of developing it if the allergy runs in your family.

7. Food allergies can be mistaken for food poisoning. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you really are allergic or not without testing for food allergies.

8. Other seasonal allergies may be related. There has been a correlation made between pollen intolerance and an increase in food allergies.

9. Latex allergies can be a trigger. If you are allergic to latex, you may also have a higher chance of showing other food allergy symptoms and should undergo testing for food allergies.

10. Regular medications and preventive allergy shots can help. While avoiding your food triggers is the best way to stay safe, you could also investigate the use of other medications.

If you have experienced allergic reactions from food and you don’t know which food triggered the reaction, go to Riviera Allergy. Riviera Allergy is an allergy and asthma center which provides allergy asthma relief and testing for food allergies. For more information, visit

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    • Latha Karanam

      Hi. This is Latha from India… Am suffering from a skin allergy from two years and taking homeo treatment since two years. But it was not completely cured. I am not able to find what is the reason for the allergy. Could you please help me out how to find the reason for my allergy?

    • Jake

      I learned a lot from this post. I have a friend who is allergic to some certain food, and what she does is to take an antihistamine, before eating the food or if she knew that a food has something of what she is allergic to.

    • Miranda

      The facts listed above are interesting indeed. It is therefore imperative to undergo testing for food allergies to determine specific triggering foods, and therefore prevent allergic episodes.

    • Elle

      Testing for Food Allergies is truly a must! You will never know what kind of foods you are allergic to. Thanks to this article; it convinces me to undergo a screening test for any allergies so that I can be equipped with the necessary treatments in the future.

    • April

      I am glad that I was able to read this article for it convinced me to subject myself to food allergy testing. It is truly vital that we need to be well-informed on our allergies in order to prevent any detrimental attacks in the future. Also, it made me realized that allergies can be outgrown through gradual desensitization of the allergens.


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