Finding seasonal allergy relief every year can be a hassle, however; with the use of immunotherapy, known as allergy shots, it no longer has to be the chore. Allergy shots also cover a multitude of illnesses such as treatment for allergic asthma, skin allergies, indoor and outdoor allergies, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, sinus headaches and a myriad of other issues. In addition, with some basic testing for environmental allergies at an Allergy and Asthma Center, future allergy shot needs will be determined. Here are the top 10 benefits for utilizing allergy shots over medicine for seasonal and year around allergy relief:

1. Medication does a great job in suppressing allergy symptoms which occur once an allergic reaction kicks in. Allergy shots aid in preventing allergic reactions by educating the body’s immune system to tolerate the offending allergen. This provides prevention with a long-lasting peace of mind versus having an allergy attack and then reacting to it as an emergency.

2. Whereas very few people enjoy the pain of a shot, most shots stay in the system, lasting longer than medications. By re-programming the immune system to an increased tolerance to allergens, this effect will last for years, even after the series of shots has ended.

3. Allergy sufferers tend to have a better quality of life using allergy shots. With shots, their schedule is not dictated by taking daily medications at a specified time, and allergy shots usually do not carry the number of potential side effects medications can have.

4. Over time, allergy shots are more inexpensive than taking daily allergy and asthma medications routinely. Shots are administered less frequently, yet provide excellent allergy control over time with long lasting effects.

5. Because they enter the body through the skin, allergy shots bypass the stomach acid which would digest and inactivate the active ingredient. This route of administration preserves the efficacy of this protein-based injectable antigen.

6. Shots given into the tissue under the skin will get directed easily and efficiently to the immune system where the education of allergy tolerance takes place.

7. Allergy shots are also good for children and teenagers. These shots, given by tiny needles in the arm, are a great allergy treatment option as they eventually replace allergy medications taken by mouth. also removing the potential choking hazard on a pill. In addition, the young patient will not be pinned down with a daily medication schedule. Although children may not like the shots initially, this is a great and long-lasting treatment option of gaining control over environmental allergies, in particular for children with allergic asthma.

8. Allergy shots help decrease the patient’s sensitivity to the triggers causing the allergic reaction. This treatment will provide peace of mind in knowing that despite an exposure to these triggers the patient will be protected and much less less likely experience an allergic reaction.

8. In most cases these shots help build a tolerance to triggers allowing people to eventually outgrow some of their allergic symptoms when exposed to a specific trigger. Reducing the sensitivity to a trigger is good, but providing long-term allergy and asthma relief is even better.

10. In most instances, the interval of allergy shots can be extended to a once a month schedule after a certain level is achieved. A shot once a month is actually easier than taking by mouth medicines once or twice every day. By the way, the administration of an allergy shot does not require a co-payment.

Riviera Allergy Medical Center are skin allergy treatment specialists. Dr. Ulrike Ziegner provides testing for food allergies and allergy shots.  For more helpful tips online casino bonus on allergy and asthma care, visit the blog section.

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