Riviera Allergy Medical Center is a leading Allergy and Asthma Center that serves the communities from Palos Verdes to Santa Monica, including the beach cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Marina del Rey, and inland communities of Torrance and Lawndale to name but a few.

RAMC offers many types of allergy and asthma care, such as treatment for asthma, allergy asthma relief, asthma treatment for children, allergy shots, seasonal allergy treatment, seasonal allergy relief, skin allergy treatment and testing for food allergies.  The Riviera Allergy Medical Center has built their reputation on providing outstanding allergy and asthma care to the South Bay and surrounding areas.

One of the biggest allergy related issues they see are reactions to food allergies. With their testing for food allergies, they have found a number of common foods to which people have allergic reactions. Here are the top ten most common food allergies.

1. Milk
Oddly enough, milk is one of the most common allergies experienced by small children. In addition, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy based products can also trigger an allergic reaction. Fortunately, testing for food allergies will show this particular allergy very easily, and most kids will grow out of this allergy by the age of three.

2. Tree Nuts
Testing for these allergies is very important to discover allergies to foods such as tree nuts. Nearly 1.8 million Americans are allergic to tree nuts. They are also one of the leading causes of fatal or near fatal allergic reactions to food each year, according to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

3. Peanuts
Talking about nuts, peanuts belong to the family of legumes and cause another very common food allergy, impacting people around the globe. Reactions can vary from minor to serious, depending one’s tolerance for peanuts.

4. Wheat Products
Testing for food allergies will also show if one is allergic to wheat. Gliadin, the main allergen in wheat, drives the allergic reaction most people have with the food. Fortunately, people are starting to see more “gluten-free” options available which will avoid this food allergy.

5. Eggs
Although high in proteins, those same proteins tend to cause an allergic reaction in young children. Adults can also be affected by egg allergies, however; it is more common in children. Testing for food allergies will be able to indicate if one is allergic to eggs.  Caution with certain vaccines, such as the flu shot, which may contain egg particles!

6. Fish
Another food that will turn up when testing for food allergies is fish. Nearly 2.3% of Americans are impacted by fish allergies and typically more so in adults than children.

7. Shellfish
Much like fish, many people also have an allergic reaction to shellfish, such as crab, shrimp, lobster, prawns and scallops. Most of the time, these allergies do not surface until adulthood, but can easily be discovered by testing for food allergies.

8. Soya
This is a tough one to manage because many times soya is actually listed as vegetable oil or hydrolyzed vegetable protein and comes in about 65-70% of manufactured foods. Luckily, in most cases avoidance will lead to tolerance over time.

9. Fruits and Vegetables
Many of the pollens and allergens on fruits and vegetables may cause minor allergic reactions in some individuals. The good news is if testing for food allergies turns up this allergy, some of these allergens will be eliminated through the cooking process.

10. Citrus Fruits
Levels of allergic reactions vary with citrus. Some people may only have minor reactions such as a rash or runny nose, whereas more severe reactions may cause digestive and respiratory issues. As with the other foods on this list, testing for food allergies will determine if one has a citrus allergy.

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