Questions Every Person Should Ask Before Choosing An Asthma Doctor

Nearly 10% of children in the United States suffer from symptoms of asthma, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These numbers continue to grow, with thousands of new patients seeking care each year. Asthma severely affects your quality of life, making it vitally important that your condition is appropriately managed. Asking careful questions before choosing an asthma doctor ensures that you receive the highest quality care, improving your everyday life.

  1. Is the doctor a specialist? If you suspect you have asthma, your first impulse may be to go to your primary care physician. Although this may be required by certain health insurance plans, it is important to seek a referral to an asthma specialist. A pulmonologist or allergist has specialized knowledge about providing state-of-the-art allergy and asthma care.
  2. Is the doctor accredited and board-certified? Make sure that the doctor you choose is accredited and board-certified, meaning that she has passed a special examination about allergies and immunology.
  3. Does your primary care doctor have a recommendation? Your primary care physician is an important resource when looking for a specialist. He likely knows which asthma doctors offer the best care.

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