It’s estimated that 1 in 10 children in the United States is suffering from some form of asthma.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma, but there are a few asthma treatment for children tips that can help alleviate symptoms and manage this chronic disease. The following are triggers that should be avoided for allergy asthma relief.

1. Regular Seasonal Changes – Seasonal allergies affect a huge percentage of the population. That includes children, who may suffer from hay fever and have need for allergy and asthma care more during the spring and summer months, when pollen is rampant.

2. Exercise – This is one of the top triggers for children, and many people experience exercise-induced asthma with no other triggers being present. Effective asthma treatment for children when caused by exercise would include taking at least two puffs from an inhaler twenty minutes before engaging in any physical activity.

3. Acid Reflux – Although the two can be completely separate, some studies have linked acid reflux disease with asthma in children. Medication that has been designed to treat acid reflux may also be an effective treatment for asthma.

4. Sinus Infections – Whenever the nose is blocked by regular infections, this can cause or trigger an asthma attack in some children.

5. Dust Allergies – With a similar effect to pollen, dust spores can get into the lungs and trigger attacks for some people.

6. Respiratory Infections – Blockage to the lungs will require a special asthma treatment for children. During cold and flu season, always have an inhaler nearby as breathing becomes even more difficult.

7. Allergies to Animals – Pet dander is a huge trigger of allergies for many children. These allergies may then trigger an asthma attack, so it’s important to limit exposure to long-haired animals if there is a known allergy.

8. Temperature Changes – For reasons that may be related to seasonal allergies, temperature changes or slight differences in the humidity levels in the air could bring on an attack of asthma, requiring asthma treatment for children that addresses this issue.

9. Allergies to Mold – Mold, mildew, and other damp conditions can cause asthma attacks. As part of asthma treatment for children, home inspections that test for mold can be extremely helpful. Not all molds are visible to the naked eye.

10. Food Allergies – Peanuts, dairy products, and shellfish are but a few examples of common food allergies that could carry over into triggering asthma attacks for some children. If an allergy is suspected, ask your doctor for a test to be sure.


About Riviera Allergy: An allergist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergy symptoms and manifestations, such as sinusitis, sinus infections, postnasal drip and asthma attacks. Riviera Allergy Medical Center, headed by Ulrike Ziegner, MD, PhD is an allergy and asthma center that specializes in treatment for asthmaallergy and asthma careskin allergy treatment, and asthma treatment for children. To schedule an appointment, call 310.792.9050. For additional information please visit

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