man with an inhaler "do you wish you could breathe better?"No parent wants to learn that their child has asthma. In a recent issue of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, researchers found that children with asthma are also likely to have a number of other health problems including eczema and food allergies. Thus a multi-pronged approach to controlling allergy symptoms is often necessary. Severe asthma can result in numerous trips to the emergency room and missed days from school. Action plans in which children are able to avoid allergens that trigger their severe allergic reactions can be made with teachers, the school nursing staff, and your allergist to minimize the number of days missed.

Children with asthma often grow into adults who have asthma. Adults with mild to moderate asthma can be controlled with medication and avoiding triggers. Adults with more severe cases of asthma may find some limitations on their lifestyle and difficulty managing the side effects of the systemic corticosteroids including trouble sleeping, increased appetite, weight gain, and changes in energy or mood.

If you are an adult with mild to severe asthma, your allergist can work with you to identify asthma triggers, devise a written plan to avoid coming into contact with allergens, and regularly evaluating respiratory function.

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology is a peer reviewed journal for clinicians working with children with respiratory and immune disfunction.


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