Although asthma is considered to be a chronic illness, meaning there is no cure at this time, it is a disease that can be treated in a number of ways.

The best treatment for asthma usually involves determining what your triggers are and then avoiding these. For lasting allergy asthma relief, the first step is a thorough cleansing of the home, for example.

1. Use of bronchodilators. One treatment for asthma that is bound to be prescribed for almost every person is a bronchodilator, usually included in an inhaler treatment. There are short acting and long acting bronchodilators, to help stop immediate symptoms and for more ongoing allergy and asthma care.

2. The use of leukotriene inhibitors. Another popular treatment for asthma, these stop the leukotrienes, or chemical substances that lead to inflammation typical to an asthma attack.

3. Regular home inspections. Some of the top triggers for asthma, particularly in children, include dust, mold, and other spores that may be lurking in the home. By having your house inspected once a year for these substances, you could provide an effective asthma treatment for children.

4. Limit contact with animals. Although not everyone who suffers from asthma will have an allergy to pets, they do also carry in dirt and other substances that could trigger an attack.

5. Control the humidity within the home. A dry, clean environment is one of the best forms of treatment for asthma. By regularly using a dehumidifier in the home, you could create more ideal conditions to avoid seasonal triggers.

6. Wash bed linens once a week. Keeping the house clean and dry is an effective treatment for asthma and can help prevent any attacks. Be sure to wash bed linens in hot water.

7. Ask for a flu vaccination each year. Although the cold or flu season might not affect you normally, when you are prone to asthma it’s better to avoid any respiratory or sinus infections if possible, which could be caused by the flu virus.

8. Avoid the use of household plants. When given flowers or plants as gifts, place them in the home with caution, if at all. Toss them out if any symptoms are noticeable, as a treatment for asthma.

9. Ease into exercise programs. While this is not a trigger for everyone, you should always start slowly to avoid any attacks that may arise.

10. Watch for food allergies. Symptoms like hives or difficulty breathing in small children could be indicative of allergies, and asthma down the road. With an allergy test, you can avoid these.

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