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It’s hard to beat the great year-round weather that we have here in Redondo Beach and throughout most of California. Not only do we love the weather during the holidays here atRiviera Allergy, but we also enjoy being able to wear shorts and flip-flops deep into the winter. We’d like to wish you a very merry holiday season.

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Though California temperatures don’t quite plummet to negative readings on the thermostat, it can still get a bit chilly out there during the evening. As the weather changes, it’s normal if your body reacts in ways that you may not be used to. In some cases, you may even catch a cold. However, if a cold starts to linger, or if you notice that you get sick during a certain time of year, your problems may be more serious than you think.

Instead of it being just another cold, you may be suffering from seasonal allergies. These are allergies that come around only during certain times throughout the year, but they have been known to leave a lasting impact. Here are some of the most common allergies that we see during the winter.

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Nasal Allergies

Nasal allergies are commonly thought to be most problematic during the spring and fall. As the leaves start to fall and pollen is produced in the air, it’s only normal to notice more sniffling or sneezing than you usually expect. However, if you are noticing issues during the winter, you may want to consider an allergy treatment.  An allergy doctor can provide a series of tests to determine the underlying cause of your allergies. After the allergy tests, you can get back to living a normal life as you would during other times of the year.

Skin Allergies

Your skin is especially sensitive during the colder months. This means that your skin allergies may be more problematic, which can result in you being very uncomfortable. Unlike some airborne allergies, skin allergies are unsightly and annoying.  Many skin allergies may result in you scratching your body like crazy, or even cause excessive amounts of swelling. When looking for the best seasonal allergy medicine to assist you with your skin allergies, be sure that you talk with a doctor who specializes in allergy testing. They’ll be able to provide you with the proper allergy cure that is best for you.


Allergy and asthma care is especially important during the holidays. If you or someone you love plans to be traveling for the holidays, it’s important to consider allergy testing beforehand. In the event that you are traveling and an asthma attack kicks in, it could be a deadly problem that you should avoid by all means necessary.

Additional Sinus Problems

Sinus allergies can also ruin your holiday season. For some people, the lower temperatures leads to clogged airways in the nasal cavities, which can make it difficult to breathe. Riviera Allergy Medical Center can help you get on the path to vibrant health.  Call us at 310.792.9050 to discuss your nasal allergy treatment.

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Q: A grass pollen allergy is only something that I should worry about in the summer, right?

A: It is a common misperception that pollen allergies aren’t a concern during colder months. However, that’s not the case. If you notice that your allergies are out of control, you may want to consider allergy solutions for pollen, even if the weather isn’t nice.

Q: I’m not getting much sleep at night. Are my allergies to blame?

A: If your sinuses are being blocked at night, this may greatly affect your ability to sleep well. Too many nights in a row of restlessness, and your personal life will be sure to feel the effects. If you notice poor sleep patterns, look to the nasal allergy symptoms and consider whether or not this could be the problem. If you aren’t sure, you can rely on an allergy doctor for assistance.

Q: Can I just wait until the winter season is over to worry about allergies?

A: If your allergies aren’t life threatening, then you could potentially wait to have them seen to. However, consider the toll that this is taking on your life and how it’s affecting you. If you want to take your life back and find more enjoyment in the things you do, get the asthma & allergy treatment that you need.

When looking for remedies for allergies, it can be a challenge to know where to search. Therefore, if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned here, be sure to contact a doctor to learn more about allergy cures that might be available to you.

With precise and dedicated care, Dr. Ziegner aims to help her patients find relief from allergies. With options that are customizable to clients, everyone can find relief with Riviera Allergy. To learn more about allergies and how to get past them, follow us on Twitter @rivieraallergy, Like us on Facebook, and visit our website for more information

Dr. Ziegner and the entire staff at Riviera Allergy Medical Center wish you a happy and allergy-free Holiday Season!

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