Skin allergy doctors often work closely with local child care centers to help students with the most common allergies…”

Riviera Allergy Medical Center (RAMC), headed by Ulrike Ziegner, MD, PhD, is an allergy and asthma center that specializes in treating the most common food allergies, skin allergy treatment, and asthma prevention.

Dr. Ziegner often provides insights to local child care centers to educate teachers and staff on how to recognize the most common allergies and how to administer any skin allergy medicine the students may require.

In an effort to ensure parents and patients are well informed, Dr. Ziegner reviewed several local child care centers. She wanted to make sure that any child care center that works with her patients has the highest standing and knows how to deal with children who need allergy treatment.

The selections were chosen based on location, reputation and willingness to understand the causes and treatments of childhood allergies. These child care centers are dedicated to helping their students live in a healthy environment.

After thorough consideration, Dr. Ziegner named the following local child care centers as her favorites: Leap & Bound Academy, Tutor Time, Growing Garden Preschool, O.K. Corral Child Care Center, Sweetpea Organic Daycare, Children’s World Learning Center, San Pedro Child Care and Future Stars Academy. If you are looking for day care for your children, consider the following child care centers.

Leap & Bound Academy – Redondo Beach Child Care Center

Leap and Bound Academy

Leap & Bound Academy is a Redondo Beach child care center that offers affordable tuition for classes up to five days a week. Features include nutritious meals, extended care, diaper training, and a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Visit their website and Facebook page or call 310- 543-7650 for more information.

Tutor Time – Torrance Child Care Center

Tutor Time Child Care and Learning Center logoTutor Time is a child care center in Torrance, California. Programs include infant child care, preschool programs and private kindergarten. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 888-258-9053 for more information.

Growing Garden Preschool – Manhattan Beach Child Care Center

Growing Garden Preschool logoGrowing Garden Preschool is a Manhattan Beach Child Care Center. Programs include Mommy & Me, enrichment programs, and summer camp. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 310-214-4999 for more information.

O.K. Corral Child Care Center – Hermosa Beach Child Care Center

O.K. Corral Child Care CenterO.K. Corral Child Care Center is a Hermosa Beach Child Care Center. This is a year-round preschool program with a very low child to teacher ratio. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 310- 376-7088 for more information.

Sweetpea Organic Daycare – El Segundo Child Care Center

Sweetpea Organic Daycare logoSweetpea Organic Daycare is an El Segundo child care center. This is an all-natural, organic home where children are supervised on a daily basis and prepared for school. The school provides all natural, organic, eco-friendly food, supplies and materials. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 310-648-8137 for more information.

Children’s World Learning Center – Palos Verdes Child Care Center

Children's World Learning CenterChildren’s World Learning Center is a Palos Verdes Child Care Center for children ages 2 to 5 years. The Center offers a variety of half and full day programs with a planned curriculum of developmentally appropriate activities. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 310-378-9611 for more information.

San Pedro Child Care – San Pedro Child Care Center

San Pedro Child CareSan Pedro Child Care is a family day care t located in San Pedro, California that offers infant care, toddler care and after school care. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 310-833-2926 for more information.

Future Stars Academy – Lomita Child Care Center

FUTURSTARACADEMFuture Stars Academy is a Lomita Child Care Center that teaches a variety of classes and activities for different age groups and interests including science, languages and culture, healthy habits and computers. Visit the website or call 310-530-0256 for more information.

Finding a local child care center can be a challenge.

Riviera Allergy logo

Riviera Allergy Medical Center provides skin allergy treatment to help patients feel better. Dr. Ziegner treats a variety of conditions from scalp eczema to an ibuprofen allergy. To ensure children receive the highest level of care throughout their daily activities Dr. Ziegner often provides information to local child care centers. This review aims to save RAMC patients the effort of researching local child care centers. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision.

About RAMC Riviera Allergy Medical Center offers comprehensive treatment for the most common food allergies, skin allergy medicine, and asthma prevention. Located in the South Bay, the allergy and asthma center is headed up by renowned seasonal allergy treatment specialist Dr. Ulrike Ziegner. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 310-792-9050 for more information.

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    • jane

      Riviera Allergy Medical Center has been consistent in providing holistic and optimal care to its clients. Personally, I truly commend Dr. Zeigner and his team in always showing genuine service to the public. For this article, I am just really interested with Sweetpea Organic Daycare on how they uniquely promote eco-friendly development through its food, environment and teaching approach.


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