Los Angeles, CA – August 7, 2013 – Dr. Ziegner of Riviera Allergy Medical Center recently highlighted several pediatric dentists in an effort to help parents with asthma children and those suffering from food allergies find the right kind of pediatric dentistry support as well as nutritional guidance. The review is intended to provide parents with the information they need to choose a pediatric dentist right for their child, especially special needs children. Each pediatric dentist was chosen based on their education, their experience with children, and their specialization in pediatric dentistry.

  • Dr. Janelle Holden is in private practice and works to help parents and children with allergies design an oral health plan that works to keep children’s teeth healthy as well as their overall health. For your child’s dental needs, including routine checkups, contact her office at (310) 545-5757. You can also visit Dr. Holden’s website for more details.
  • Dr. Marina Lange, also in private practice, works with busy parents and children with asthma to ensure their oral health. Call her office at (310) 316-0850 to get an appointment. You can also visit Dr. Lange’s website for more details.
  • Dr. Roy T. Yanase, Dr. Rex. R. Yanase, and Dr. Hamilton H. Le are partners in the Yanase Dental Group. The two Drs Yanase are parent and child as well as graduates of the same university. To get an appointment with these prosthodontist specialists, call (310) 378-4244 to schedule an appointment or request it online. You can visit the Yanase Dental Group website and see their Facebook page for more details
  • Dr. Michelle M. Kelman has a private practice specializing in pediatric and adolescent dentistry. She ensures that children with asthma and seasonal allergies are protected with BPA-free equipment and bio-compatible materials. Contact her office at (310) 659-8863 for an appointment. You can visit Dr. Kelman’s website and Facebook page for details.

Dr. Ziegner and the staff at the Riviera Allergy Medical Center focus on the treatment of hives in children, asthma in children, and skin allergies in children and prefer to work with pediatric specialists who can help with the treatment of these issues through nutritional alternatives and education.

“It’s important for parents of children suffering from allergies or asthma to have a well-rounded approach to the problem, and we’ve found that working with the right pediatric dentist can be a great help to parents and to our younger patients,” commented Dr. Ziegner. “We sincerely hope that if our patients are seeking a pediatric dentist who will help their child fight allergies and asthma, they will use this selected list.”

Parents looking for guidance and reputable referrals can consider these pediatric dentists to be of the highest quality and suitable for children.

About Riviera Allergy – Riviera Allergy Medical Center offers the latest in comprehensive diagnostic testing and treatment of skin allergies in children, including skin allergies, hives in children, asthma children, and testing for food allergies in children. To schedule an appointment, please call 310.792.9050. For additional information on any skin condition, allergy treatment, or skin-testing procedure, please visit http://www.rivieraallergy.com.

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