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Latex Allergies in the Workplace

The American Latex Allergy Association states that about 1% of the US population has an allergy to natural rubber latex. This amount sounds tiny, however that small percentage equates to about 3 million people. Those who are at the highest risk for develo

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Transform Your Yard Into an Allergy Free Zone

The fall is a great time for gardening and other yard work — even better than in the spring and summer. The weather is a bit more temperate. Planting and transplanting your favorite varieties of plants, bushes, trees, and sod becomes a more relaxed

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Fall Allergy Triggers

Here we are in the month of September, looking forward to welcoming autumn with open arms. Surprisingly, you’re wondering why you’re still sneezing! Before blaming your watery eyes and runny nose on a cold, try finding out if you suffer from h

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Calming Fears of an Allergy Attack While at School

For many adults allergies represent a nuisance that has to be managed with over the counter and prescription medications.  Allergies can lead to loss of work days and slowed productivity, while the sufferers try to function in a fog of sneezing, coughing

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Am I Allergic to My Pet?

Are you one of 161 million Americans with a cat or dog?* Although you may love Fluffy, your allergy to him may be making you feel quite ill. A pet allergy is defined as an allergic reaction to proteins on the animal’s skin cells, saliva, or urine. T

Local Allergist Highlights South Bay Podiatrists

“Allergy doctors often work closely with podiatrists when treating allergies …”   Dr. Ziegner specializes in the treatment of a variety of allergic conditions, including food allergies, nasal and skin allergies, and various conditions related

Happy Patients At RAMC

“I really felt “heard” by Dr. Ziegner. I feel confident that she will get to the bottom of a strange disorder that has baffled numerous other doctors. She spent an incredible amount of time with me and I appreciate it.”  Susan Sch