Every year, millions of American dread the approach of spring because it symbolizes the start of allergy season. Anyone who has suffered from red eyes, itchy skin, and shortness of breath can understand the need for seasonal allergy relief.

A good start is a visit to an allergy and asthma center, where testing can be performed. This will help to confirm any allergies, and will lead you to the right path of seasonal allergy treatment, be it allergy shots or any of these other medications.

1. Zyrtec – An antihistamine, Zyrtec provides seasonal allergy relief by stopping the histamines in the body that produce a runny nose, itchy watery eyes, or the swelling of hives. It may be taken with or without food.

2. Benadryl – One of the most frequently used antihistamines on the market for seasonal allergy relief, this pill can also be used for motion sickness or mild forms of Parkinson’s. However, it is most effective when used for the relief from sneezing, itching, and redness brought on by allergies.

3. Claritin – Also available under the generic name loratadine, Claritin is available in day or night versions. Because antihistamines can be associated with drowsiness, the daytime version is better for those who have to get up for work.

4. Tylenol – One of the main symptoms of allergies in the spring is a stuffy nose or blocked sinuses. Tylenol manufactures a sinus and allergy formula that is made to help clear sinus passageways, easing breathing.

5. Sudafed – This is one of the leading medications for those suffering from sinus problems, which are exacerbated by allergies. For seasonal allergy relief and assistance with breathing, this is a good choice of medication.

6. Singulair – A leukotriene inhibitor, Singulair can help prevent asthma attacks in adults and children. It helps by blocking the inflammation in the body that leukotrienes can bring on.

7. Nasonex – Congestion, sneezing, and runny nose may all be caused by seasonal allergies. This is available in a nasal spray form that you can insert directly into your nasal cavity for fast seasonal allergy relief.

8. Afrin – Available over the counter, Afrin is another nasal spray that provides relief lasting for up to twelve hours at a time.

9. Nasacort – This nasal spray has been approved for children as young as two years of age, and is a gentle way to achieve seasonal allergy relief.

10. Ibuprofen – Sometimes allergies can lead to aches and pains in the body, which can be eased with pain relievers such as Ibuprofen.

Riviera Allergy are skin allergy treatment specialists which provides seasonal allergy relief to people who are suffering allergic reactions from pollen, weeds, trees or outdoor mold spores. For more information on allergy and asthma care, visit http://www.rivieraallergy.com/

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