Every spring, as pollen, dust, and mold increase in the atmosphere, so do seasonal allergies for millions of people.

These symptoms can range from those that are mildly annoying, such as red and itchy eyes, to those that are more dangerous. Finding an effective seasonal allergy treatment can often involve several different steps.

1. Wash your hands as frequently as possible. Even though you may not see it, pollen can cling to your hands after you’ve been outdoors, and if you then rub your eyes you will have symptoms that can be hard to get rid of.

2. Identify your main allergy triggers. It’s almost impossible to truly get rid of your allergies unless you know what’s causing them. Going to an allergy and asthma center for testing is highly recommended as the first step towards relief.

3. Take over the counter allergy medications. Antihistamines, nasal sprays, and decongestants are all sold over the counter and can all be effective forms of seasonal allergy treatment.

4. Get tested for potential food allergies. Although you may attribute your symptoms to changing of the seasons, it’s worth ruling out any other allergy triggers by testing for food allergies as well.

5. Keep the windows closed. It may be hard when the weather is so nice out in the springtime, but keeping your windows and doors open will increase your chances of needing seasonal allergy treatment for all of the pollen that drifts inside.

6. Wash pets at least once a week. If you have outdoor pets, remember that they can bring in mold and pollen from the outdoors, so you should give them a thorough cleansing for seasonal allergy relief.

7. Use your air conditioning unit. A simple form of seasonal allergy treatment is to keep the air conditioning running. Although it can be pricey to do so, it helps filter your air supply. At the very least, consider constant use in the bedroom for a good night’s rest.

8. Visit a doctor for stronger medications. If the over the counter options aren’t doing it, you can visit your doctor for advice. Oftentimes there are prescription strength drugs that could make a world of difference in how you feel during allergy season, including preventive shots or oral medications.

9. Wear sunglasses. Protect your eyes with this easy seasonal allergy treatment that will help keep out free-floating particles.

10. Wear a mask outdoors. Although it might seem extreme in appearance, this is a good way to filter your air.

Seeking more information on how to achieve allergy asthma relief and seasonal allergy relief? Come to the Riviera Allergy and asthma center.

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