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Summer is supposed to be about fun and spending time outside in the sun, but people who suffer from summer allergies often spend their days sniffling, sneezing, wheezing or having to hide inside. Riviera Allergy Medical Center (RAMC) provides year-round treatment to help allergy sufferers cope with seasonal allergies. If you want to get more fun out of your summer, here are some symptoms and suggestions for relief from summer allergies provided by our allergy treatment specialist, Dr. Ulrike Ziegner.

The most typical symptoms of a summer allergy include sneezing, coughing, hives, an itchy or runny nose, watery eyes, or dark under eyes circles. These symptoms may be caused by triggers like pollens, molds, dust and certain types of food. Since some of these triggers can be airborne, you may become susceptible even though you do not notice any of the offending plants or weeds in your immediate vicinity.

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Sometimes the hazy days of summer add to air pollution, which can make allergy symptoms worse. Higher humidity levels can lead to damp, moldy areas in bathrooms and basements, which can trigger some symptoms. Dust mites can be especially troubling for allergy sufferers during summer time as well. Other patients may be allergic to bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets and fire ants, which thrive in the summer months.  Also, remember to be aware of your sunscreen expiration date.  It’s sun factor loses efficacy by 50% within 12 months.

When a patient first comes to Riviera Allergy Medical Center complaining of summer allergies, we first listen to make sure we understand all of the symptoms and triggers. In some cases the patient may be experiencing a summer cold, which can have similar symptoms. We may perform allergy tests to nail down the exact cause of your symptoms. Then we may prescribe antihistamines or decongestants, eye drops, or nasal sprays to help you find relief and enjoy the beach life.


If you are allergic to venoms we will prescribe EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis and / or start preventative immunotherapy to insect venoms, aka, allergy shots.  Some patients may be sensitive to ingredients in skin and hair care products like sunscreen.  We will do product sample testing, so we may help find an individual formula that is well tolerated.  Based on the results of allergy testing, we will recommend customized environmental allergen control and/or dietary adjustments and consider immunotherapy (subcutaneous = scit or sublingual slit) if indicated. Be sure to check the pollen count forecast on our website before engaging in strenuous outdoor activities this summer.

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At RAMC we treat patients who are dealing with immunodeficiency diseases, autoimmune disorders, hives, eczema and other allergic skin conditions, food and drug allergies, insect venom allergies, bronchitis and chronic cough, and anaphylaxis. RAMC helps patients breathe easier and live better with advanced solutions for asthma and allergic airway disease.

The entire staff at Riviera Allergy Medical Center wishes everyone a happy 4th of July and allergy-free summer!

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About RAMC – Riviera Allergy Medical Center offers comprehensive treatment for the most common food allergies, skin allergy medicine, and asthma prevention. Located at 1711 Via El Prado, Suite 101 in Redondo Beach, the allergy and asthma center is headed by renowned seasonal allergy treatment specialist, Dr. Ulrike Ziegner. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 310-792-9050 for more information or to schedule an appointment for allergy treatment.

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    • Linda M.

      Because of this blog, i realized that summer colds could be due to allergies. it’s nice knowing these things so that we could protect ourselves from allergic reactions and enjoy summer without any problems.

    • Lisa

      For most, summer days are sunny days for adventures and other fun activities that make for lasting memories. However, some dread the time they have to spend hiding from the sun-shiny warmth of each long day… sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing. But these dreary days for allergy and asthma patients can be turned into awesome ones by visiting an allergy treatment specialist. Dr. Ulrike Ziegner offers relief and treatment for immunodeficiency diseases, autoimmune disorders, hives, eczema and other allergic skin conditions, food and drug allergies, insect venom allergies, bronchitis and chronic cough, and anaphylaxis. So if you want to enjoy every breathe of summer, be allergy-free with Dr. Z.


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