Rapid relief from skin allergies in Redondo Beach

“Dr. Ziegner is an outstanding physician who takes the time to not only get to the heart of the problem but to also get to know the patient. She is a wonderful, caring doctor and generous with her time.” – I.T., actual patient

Skin conditions such as eczema, hives, contact with sulfa, and contact dermatitis can make your life miserable. Finding the right treatment begins with a proper diagnosis.

Complete diagnostic testing & treatment

As a board-certified allergy specialist, Dr. Ulrike Ziegner offers specialized diagnostic tests and treatments for allergic skin conditions. Testing may be done by conventional scratch or patch testing. Another important procedure in the diagnosis of skin allergies is an ImmunoCAP® test, during which blood is drawn and then tested for allergies. Remember, allergy testing should always be conducted under the supervision of a board-certified allergist/immunologist.

Once the root cause of your skin allergy is identified, treatment may include prescription drugs, education and an action plan. The action plan will help you avoid the triggers, such as certain foods or environmental substances that cause your symptoms.

Common Skin Allergies


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