Riviera Allergy and Medical Center logoAngioedema is an allergic reaction that occurs just below the surface of the skin, usually around the lips and eyes. It makes the skin look pale and puffy, a marked difference from hives, an allergic reaction that looks like red welts on top of the skin. Angioedema is often caused by allergies to certain foods like shellfish, dairy, and nuts. Dyes in clothing, pollen, insect stings, and certain medications can also cause this condition as well.

Angioedema can take minutes or several hours to develop after being exposed to an allergy trigger. It is possible that it can occur on only one side of the face or body and not the other. In most circumstances, angioedema is mild. However, severe angioedema that causes the throat and/or tongue to swell, restricting the airway, can be life threatening.


If you suspect you are experiencing angioedema, it is important to know what foods and other items may be causing an allergic reaction. Your allergist can schedule you for testing so that you can begin to remove those allergy triggers from your diet and environment.


Mild angioedema can be treated with over-the-counter antihistamines. A more severe angioedema attack must immediately be addressed by an emergency medical professional. Do your best to remove any food items that may be restricting the airway. Follow up with an allergist is essential to minimizing or preventing future attacks.


About RAMC: Located in Redondo Beach, CA. Riviera Allergy Medical Center (RAMC) provides a medical facility for a wide range of allergy and asthma related conditions, from nasal allergies and hay fever to skin allergy conditions and scalp eczema. If you or your children are in search of seasonal allergy relief, skin allergy treatment, sinus problems or headaches, or have shown signs of an ibuprofen allergy, you are encouraged to contact the team at RAMC. The office also may be contacted by phone at 310-792-9050.  Visit the site at http://RivieraAllergy.com

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