If you have issues or problems with your skin, a dermatologist can help to treat any conditions you suffer. Dermatology involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. The dermatologist is a medical practitioner that’s qualified to diagnose and treat skin disorders. At Riviera Allergy, our qualified physicians can test for more than 3,000 different diseases. Our team works closely with Coast Dermatology in Torrance to ensure you receive the proper treatment plan based on your specific needs.
It is important to visit a dermatologist at least once a year for a thorough skin examination. That being said, personal exams should regularly be performed on your own, as well. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that everyone practice monthly head-to-toe self-examinations of their skin. This is a good time to look for any new or changing lesions that might be cancerous or precancerous. If you notice moles that have changed shape or any rashes or skin imperfections that were not there before, please schedule an appointment with our dermatologist.

How to Perform A Self-Examination

  1. Examine your face, including your nose, ears, and lips. Use a mirror to get a clear view.
  2. Inspect your scalp.
  3. Check your hands and palms. Look between fingers and under finger-nails.
  4. Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Begin at the elbows and scan all sides of the upper arms and underarms.
  5. Focus on the neck, chest, and torso. Women should lift breasts to view the undersides.
  6. Use a hand mirror to inspect the back of your neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  7. Use two mirrors to scan your lower back, buttocks, and the backs of both legs.
  8. Sit down and prop legs on a stool or chair. Examine genitals with a mirror and check the front of both of your legs. Look at the tops of your feet, between toes, and under toenails.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

Whether you have tattoos that have become infected or you’ve undergone years of dangerous tanning bed use, our dermatologist can help treat any conditions you may have. We work to treat skin cancer when possible, manage acne, and more. Trust Riviera Allergy for all your skin, hair and nail care needs in Redondo Beach or the surrounding areas such as Long Beach or Torrance. Call now to schedule an appointment.